About us

The company Marco Pelucca Automobili Ltd was founded in 2000 by Marco Pelucca in Gordola (near Locarno, Switzerland), when he took over the family garage business. Marco Pelucca has been working with Porsche vehicles since 1972 and has earned a great reputation for quality and honesty in work and services.

Our team

Beginning of Marco Pelucca’s working experience as a specialist of Porsche Classic models in Gustav Lafferma.

Marco Pelucca, Owner
Email: mp@pelucca.ch

Originally from Sonogno (Valle Verzasca in Tecino), Marco was born in 1952. He started as apprentice in his father’s garage in Gordola; then, in 1972, he moved to Basel where he became a specialist of Porsche Classic models with air-cooled engines. In 2000, he took over his family garage business; today he has been working together with his children. In 1971, Marco was a football player of Series A in Bellinzona and he is also passionate about bowling.


Philip Pelucca engaged with a Porsche 356 c of 1963.

Philip Pelucca, Technology Manager
Email: fp@pelucca.ch

Born in 1987, he did an apprenticeship specialising in car body painting. He was the best apprentice in the branch painting  of the Canton of Ticino in 2005; then, he continued his professional experience at the Bellinzona FFS Workshops, with the same specialisation focus. Parallely, he accomplished a mechanical apprenticeship in the restoration of Classic Porsche air-cooled engin models.

Chantal Pelucca with a Porsche 356 Pre_A of 1953.

Chantal Pelucca with a Porsche 356 Pre A of 1953.

Chantal Pelucca, Marketing Manager
Email: marketing@pelucca.ch

In 2005, she obtained a diploma of tourist industry in Sierre (Valais, Switzerland). She chose a wide range of specialisations: tours’ operating and hotel management as well as mobile telephony management. Now, she has been working in the family business as a head of back office, customer relations and marketing. Chantal speaks fluently five languages (Italian, German, French, English and Spanish), and she is proud to own a Porsche 912 of 1967, currently undergoing restorations at Pelucca’s garage.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us via email, or by phone +41 91 730 94 14 or through our website. You can find us in Gordola, near Locarno (Ticino, Switzerland).